How iOS 6 gives IT more control over iPhones and iPads.

Contributor II posted an article this morning titled "How iOS 6 gives IT more control over iPhones and iPads." It goes over some of the new IT management capabilities now available with iOS 6.

How soon will Casper incorporate some of these?


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Yeah, I had read a similar article yesterday about some of the new features.

I have to say I'm quite surprised there has been no word from JAMF yet on a dot release that would bring these features to the Casper Suite. My only guess is they had something ready but ran into a last minute snag that they have to fix. Its very unlikely they were caught unaware of these new capabilities. They're usually right on top of this stuff.

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I spoke to JAMF support yesterday about the HTTP global proxy and they are adding that ability to the dot release that is out "Very Soon" (what they communicated) I sure hope we get the update soon!!!

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It is definitely strange that it's been this long and we've yet to hear an announcement from Jamf on iOS 6.

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Another good article posted this morning:

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