How to force disconnect SIS from Apple School Manager when it won't stop "updating"

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I'm helping an organization connect PowerSchool to Apple School Manager, however, said organization is in a remote area with extremely spotty internet. I started the sync to PowerSchool, however, our internet was dropped when I started and now it seems to be stuck in an "updating" loop, even though I disabled the Apple School Manager plugin on PowerSchool.

I am not able to disconnect within Apple School Manager as it keeps constantly updating, and I can't disconnect when it does that. I am hoping to get an idea within the next 24 hours as I am leaving the area soon and wanted to get this sorted out while I'm there.

Has anyone encountered this before?

Thanks Jamf Nation :)



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Hi Kelly, Not sure if this works for SIS as a data source. However, did you try going back to Setup Assistant in ASM and disconnecting the data source straight from there?1a98c61dc6fc4dd3b5bd21de7c3cde0b

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I just open a Support ticket and have it fixed. This way you don't have to get new credentials for the PowerSchool admin to enter.

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What method did you use to create a Ticket with Apple to do this? I am on with support right now and am not having success.

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I came across this issue, too. It's a bug with Apple School Manager. Your SIS has to be on an active calendar for the sync to work. It won't work during summer break, when the SIS calendar doesn't have anything active.

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@dhcrawford We have Apple Enterprise support. Not sure, but I think ASM support can be requested even if you don't pay for Apple Enterprise.

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Thank you mariovillalobos and cdenesha.

My account rep got me connected. An engineer had to turn it off on the backend.

Going with SFTP instead

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Hi there,
We are struggling to re-connect SIS(PowerSchool) in ASM. We have lately realized that PowerSchool may pause syncing while summer break but thought it probably starts syncing once it's disconnected AND reconnected. That was the mistake..
Disconnection was successfully done but re-connection won't work at all. It continued to fail with a message (that I didn't screenshot),
Check the PowerSchool URL is accurate or is working fine. And then try once again.

Now it is stuck in Connecting to PowerSchool and shows the message Apple School Manager has stopped responding.

Are we missing something? All we need is to reconnect the SIS info into ASM to import user and class info to MDM.

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OMG!!! I've been struggling with the same issue since last Thursday and just ran across this post. Now i'm wondering if the statement above referencing it not connecting due to active calendars in PowerSchool. wondering if it'll start August 7th, since that's our first day of school? I'm panicking!!!! Everyone's looking and acting as if it's my fault and it's not (and I hate this being the only woman on the team).

Does anyone have the PowerSchool fields (not the ASM template fields) to pull to set up an SFTP import/connect just in case this ASM still doesn't work?


dmw3dmw3 you are not alone. We are having the exact same problem and have yet to find a solution. We talked to PowerSchool support (not sure why considering past events) and they were absolutely no help. They suggested we get in touch with the ASM plugin creator which is installed in PowerSchool. We had already deleted and re-installed the plain with no success. So in other words no help.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping you may have found a solution.

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Call Apple ASM Support - 1-866-752-7753

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