How to Install Jamf Composer

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This may be a stupid question but I am new to Jamf and not much of a Mac user. I downloaded Jamf Composer from my Jamf Product page. Version 10.46.0.

I get a .dmg file. I run the file on a test Mac and it pops up saying to drag Composer to your hard drive to start building packages. It didn't install anything. 

So I drag the .dmg file to my Applications folder and run it again. Same message. I plug in an external storage device same thing. USB drive, same thing.

I was planning to use Composer to build a .pkg file for Figma as so Figma can be deployed using Jamf.

Let me know if maybe I am dragging the Composer .dmg file to the wrong place or maybe it is a bug with Composer.



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Once you open the .dmg file, drag the into your Applications folder. Double-click the Composer application in your Applications folder.

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Thanks! I've never seen that popup before so I thought the Composer icon was just branding with the instructions but it was the actual app you need to drag. 

For anyone at Jamf seeing this, maybe best to add an arrow pointing at the .app icon or clearer instructions for newer Mac users.

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you may want to read this. composer is very simple, but you need to understand what you doing..

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Thanks! Was looking at something similar with Jamf Compuser Product Documentation. Definitely will have a read.

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I recommend trying it out and exploring everything you can do with Composer. It has a lot of uses. I also recommend that you download an app called Suspicious Package. You can use it to know what's in an installer package before you distribute it to your users.