How to package TN5250J emulator?

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Wondering if anyone can share their method for creating a PKG file from the source files for the TN5250J emulator? Some of our users are using an older version that's getting flagged by our Information Security team, so it's time to upgrade them. I don't know how our last Mac admin created the package for that older version, and so far anything I've tried to build in Composer doesn't result in a working package. Haven't found any answers yet on the internets. Only related post I could find in the forums here was this one, which didn't garner any responses:  Mac M1 Java and iSeries TN5250j - Jamf Nation Community - 225341.

GitHub download page for the emulator is Releases · tn5250j/tn5250j (



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download the old package from JAMF and inspect it with SuspiciousPackage

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Looking at the app thats not been updated since 2021 it's not signed.. so it won't run. 

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I would suggest looking in to using another tool. As @jamf-42 said, these files have not been updated since 2021. Generally speaking, you don't want to use a binary that is more then 12 and at most 24 months old, the older the binary the less of a chance that it will successfully run on macOS. 


Many GitHub projects are not notarized, and gatekeeper will eat them. You can override gatekeeper sometimes using xattr and whitelist the binary, but I would recommend against this and if you do it make sure you understand the risk of what you are doing.