How to "Supervise" a device

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Beginner with JAMF here, that being said....

Can anyone tell me how to Supervise a device without Apple Configurator? I'm aware that the device will be erased, but I'd like to start enrolling our iPads being Supervised.

We currently enroll our devices by going on each one, going to Safari, * Very time consuming. I'm sure there is a way to enroll them (Supervised) automatically out of the box. Any advice is appreciated!

Thank you!


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Hi @j.jiskra,

Is your org set up with Apple School Manager? If so, running them through Automated Device Enrollment (aka DEP) is the alternate method to get them Supervised.

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@j.jiskra : if you want the "out of the box" experience...

  • Macs need to be added by a reseller. Easier to do with new purchases, possible retroactively with proof of purchase but very difficult.
  • iOS / tvOS devices can be added by the reseller for immediate use.
  • iOS / tvOS devices can also be added with Configurator HOWEVER ... a user can remove the profile within the first 30 days. So you had better stick it in a drawer before deployment.

After adding devices to ABM/ASM and including in a Jamf PreStage...

  • Macs will display a "nag" to end users that their device can be managed by the company name.
  • iOS / tvOS devices will do nothing until they are wiped.

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@dwenger5 We are set up with Apple School Manager. Any advice on setting up DEP? I'll try finding step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

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@bradtchapman Fortunately, we do purchase from a reseller. I've thought about trying out the configurator. I haven't heard of ABM/ASM.. I'll look into it!

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There are no solution to Macbook no DEP?

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@ASVtechnology Correct, there is no current way to add a random Mac to ABM/ASM unlike iOS devices that can be added via AC2. However, depending on where you purchased it from, you may be able to have your vendor add it for you, even if it was purchased before you had ABM/ASM setup.