How to remove installed Self Service Application.

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Hello JAMF Nation,

As the subject suggests is there a way to Remove the Enrollment installed Self Service App from the machines perhaps via script or MDM profile. As right now it's pretty useless due to the mdmclienterror-72. I have reverted back to packages until this can be resolved and want to remove the Self Service App from the machines for the time being.

Is this possible or should I just add it to the Restrictions list and call it a day

Thanks In Advance.


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In my experience, the error you are referencing is more sporadic and not constant. We've had problems deploying packages with self service but eventually apps will deploy. Aside from packages, there are numerous other reasons why you'd want to keep self service on your machines: to deploy helper scripts, utilities, web pages and other configurations such as printers. (not sure if your users have admin rights on their machines)
Otherwise, if you really want it gone, I'm guessing you could run an rm command from Jamf Remote to remove it from targeted machines. Then, go to Settings > Self Service in the Jamf Pro console and prevent it from installing automatically.