How to see why a package install fails.


I am trying to update a lab of machines to sierra. I have followed the steps detailed by jamf, and the package worked last week. I am upgrading from 10.11.6. I am doing sierra from App Store.......upload to jss via Casper admin......cached package.....install it. The weird thing is the jss said it was succefull (icon turned green.) How do I work out why this is all of a sudden a bust? Or should I just suck it up and try a new download from sierra via the App Store again?


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Maybe try uploading from through the JSS and not Casper Admin.


Not sure what you mean by that?

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It's not quite clear which part of the process is succeeding or failing. Is it the caching policy that's not working as expected or the install policy? In either case, the relevant information can be found in the jamf.log and installer.log files. They should both be in /var/log.


Caching is fine, it's the install part.


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What if you show the Policy in the Self Service and scope it just to the one device. Does it install when selecting it in the Self Service Portal?

If so then it is not the package itself, but rather something within the push policy.

I have had a few policies that would not install correctly in the Self Service either and it turned out to be the package priority settings that were off. Ex. Scratch relies on AdobeAir, and needed to be installed before Scratch. IMO this is just one more step that needs to be verified.