HTTP Load Balancer for Jamf JSS Pro

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We are at the point where JAMF has told us to implement a load balancer for our JSS Pro system. (We already have 2 JSS's in a cluster with a separate MySQL DB)

Anyone have any suggestions?

Does anyone have any directions with setting up a load balancer with JAMF Pro?

We have 7K devices and really cannot re-enroll so it has to go very smoothly.


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We have a bunch of Tomcat servers clustered behind a load balancer, covering internal and DMZ. The requisite Master, a few to handle client traffic, one (soon two) for admin work, and soon one for API calls (we use a lot of that). Obviously can't give too many details, but its a very good idea to scale things out (or distribute).

The key to not reenrolling is to build out the new environment, take down the old environment, bring the database over, and redirect DNS.

Something like that.