IBM's customizations to enrollment process

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I'm wondering a bit about IBMs customizations they showed at their presentation. Someone mentioned it was macbuddy, but there's not much info i could find about it, other than it's apple's setup wizard type thing.
I'm working on that type of deployment (thin/agile imaging) of a system, rather than the nuke and pave. but the process is still pretty convoluted and the users doing like the experience. I think that the customizations IBM did would go a long way to helping with that, but I'm not sure how to proceed.


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I realize posting verbatim scripts are usually not possible, but posting even hastily sanitized versions would really fantastic.

I too could not fin any info on MacBuddy!

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There is a lot of time for mingling there this week. You should be able to run into Mr. Previn.

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Please ask Mr. Previn if he can post the customizations/script in git hub.... : )