iMac Azure SSO extention

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I am currently in progress of setting up 30 iMacs for the music department. These will be shared iMacs and used by multiple students. On our windows machines we have SSO enabled so when users login with their AD credentials and open Microsoft Word for example it automatically logs them into their Office 365 account. Is there a way to do this with Jamf on the 30 iMacs? I have tried creating an SSO extension config profile on Jamf and this hasn't worked. I have also contacted Jamf support and they have explained that the Azure AD SSO extension is currently being developed. Is there another work around as it will be very time consuming for students to login to the iMac and then again in other apps, such as Office 365.



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Shared Macs isn’t really an Apple thing atm, you might be looking for Jamf Connect perhaps

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NoMAD and NoLOAD work well in a shared environment. They’re the freeware upon which Jamf Connect is based.

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Thanks for the responses. I have had a look at NoMAD and installed it to iMac but I can't see an option where to add the bundle IDs for the apps that I want SSO to take place, I have even tried creating a Kerberos Config on Jamf and I get the little key icon in the menu bar that shows its connected, but when I open Microsoft Word it still asks me to sign in.