Imacs unenrolling by themselves

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I have several iMacs that unenroll themselves from JAMF. When this happens. I check the profiles and they are all or almost all gone. There may only be one or two left. I go and enroll them again through our portal but they eventually unenroll again and the profiles just disappear.

It's only a few of my iMacs and this seemed to start occurring after I upgraded them to Big Sur. Does any know what might be causing this?




Two issues maybe one: 1) The employees aren't paid enough and left an easter egg behind. 2) It's a scoping issue. 3 ) Have you tried the setting of make mdm mandatory?

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I'm pretty sure it's not number one since the admins are the same as when we first got the system. As for the others, I'll have to talk to our admins. I am a field technician and have limited access to the admin console. I don't think it's a setting though, as there are many other iMacs in the same lab that are working fine and haven't unenrolled or anything like that.

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I would check the jamf log on the Mac /private/var/log to see what's going on if any policy ran on the mac prior to it being unerolled. Macs don't magically unenroll the jamf client/profile. It's either done by some weird policy in Jamf or someone is intentionally unenrolling from Jamf. You can also talk to your Jamf admin and possibly check the Mac record of any policy that ran or anything out of the ordinary.