Imaging Error

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Every once in a while when initiating an image we get the error:

"An exception of class NilObjectException was not handled. The application must be shut down."

Has anyone run into this? We are running jss 8.71 on 10.8.4 server.

Thanks in advance


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Are you booting from a Netboot image and launching Casper Imaging from that?

Edit: If you are using Netboot, then I would second what gachowski suggested. I made those changes to our Netboot system and it fixed the error message you listed.

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Do this : )

Jamf support recommend this to me and others in Jamf Nation, solved a lot of issues for me.. Looks like a lot of work, but it's just replacing one file and the file is on the page about 1/2 down.


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I went through this for a long time, and before 8.71 the issue didn't even give an error, just crapped out. After trying the above and that not working, I finally went to NetSUS appliance and haven't looked back. I'm using VirtualBox for the vm, so no additional expense

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Thanks @gachowski that worked for me. just dl and replace that .netboot file and good to go.