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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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How to force a check in on Casper

Hi - I'm looking for a way to force a device check-in on Casper (9.72). Whether its hidden somewhere on Casper or a script I can manually run on the device to check in. Thanks  View more

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Enrollment post flight script failing

Hello all I have a 2014 Macbook Air that I enrolled in Casper in April and it stopped checking in a couple days later. I tried running a few commands (sudo jamf recon and sudo jamf manage) and received errors that "jamf" was not recognized. I uninsta...  View more

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enrollment during thin configuration ?

I am running a configuration on newly received macbook airs, leaving the OS intact from factory but using the configuration to install applications (office, acrobat pro etc..) which are set to install on boot drive after imaging, (also add local admi...  View more

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Extension Attributes Not Filling In On Some Machines.

We've recently become much more proactive in pushing updates to our users' machines. One thing we've set up is a handful of extension attributes that report back the installed version of the various programs. Most machines are reporting back flawless...  View more

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Deleting non-standard Admin account

Anyone have a good script for delete a admin account that is above UID 500? We want to give the users the ability to enroll from the enrollment page with their initially created account, but after they enroll we want to kill all expect the one accoun...  View more

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Bootstrapping non imaging with Quick Add .pkg

So... From this thread and Greg..... https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=14541 I am going to give this a try ... "Boot the machine in TDM, install your bootstrapping pkgs, shut down. Connect to network, start up. Let your managemen...  View more

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Imaging With Windows File Share

We are trying to take advantage of Netboot imaging in addition to our Target Mode imaging, and we would like to use a Windows Server as our file share. It has been brought to my attention that imaging can not be done over SMB so is there any way to s...  View more

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Casper Admin (9.72) Crashing when uploading large files

We've been having some serious issues with our master distribution point (windows server) since upgrading to 9.72. When uploading a file larger than 200 MB (approximately), Casper Admin and Finder will both lock up and we won't be able to upload the ...  View more

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802.1x wired configuration profile not working

Hi Guys We have been having a lot of problems with 802.1x wired machine authentication in our deployment using casper 9.7. What I've seen is that the first time the mac connects to the ethernet network, it shows up the prompts for select configuratio...  View more

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File Associations - .doc opening in word

I want to adjust file associations so that documents are opened in the correct application. Specifically Word Documents being opened in Word and not text-edit. This seemed to be the default before re-imaging with casper, but now I have to change the ...  View more

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USB Restriction on standard users

Hi, As for now we are restricting access to USB drives via a configuration profile.This allows us to prompt for a username and password when a USB device is connected.Unfortunately the only credentials that are accepted to mount the drive, are admin ...  View more

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Using Casper instead of Workgroup Manager

I am not sure if anyone else has tried or is doing this. We are moving to the golden triangle method of authentication and home folder mapping. However, we would like to use Casper to control the users preferences depends on thier yeargroup etc. To d...  View more

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Flushing out dscl on logout for lab machine

I know this is an odd question, but I hope someone out in the JNation can assist. I am trying to setup a lab station build. On this build people login against our LDAP to a locked down profile. When they logout the profile is deleted. The hiccup I am...  View more

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Crucial RAM selector tool in Self Service tip

not sure if anyone is interested in using the Crucial RAM selector tool in Self Service 1) Go to [Crucial.com](www.crucial.com) & download Crucial System Scanner2) Package the app to install in: /usr/sbin/[your_company]/apps/crucial/ 3) Computer Mana...  View more

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Auto Force Log Out

I am looking for a way to auto log out a user after being idle for 20 minutes. I need this to be a forced log out, so even if there is something open, it still needs to initiate the log out. Thanks!  View more

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Casper admin/remote oddity

So I was working on packaging some applications and wanted to test it on a machine. I went to admin dropped the file, gave it info data. I then went into the console to create a policy for it...all worked fine. So then I opened remote and it said it ...  View more

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Usage information

Hello, We are currently in the process of moving to Outlook and are wondering if there is a way to extract the usage information of the applications. I know you can look at each individually but has anyone found a way to script it so you can gather a...  View more

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iPad App Data (District Logins)

I have a question. Is it possible to create an ipad image and keep app details? For example in the EDU environment I need to install Accelerated Reader on 300 or more ipads. I wanted to be able to keep the district association to the app but so far I...  View more

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