Imaging stops and the Keychain unlock dialogue box appears

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The CS6 package was created using the Creative Suite Enterprise Deployment tools and installs silently over ARD.

Following the instructions in the 'Administering Adobe Creative suite 6 with the Casper Suite' added the pkg to Casper Admin.

When I install as part of the imaging process, every things fine - base image and all apps install then scripts, host etc and finally the CS6 installer is downloaded but before the pkg can install the keychain dialogue pops up and offers the usual three options 'continue log in, Create New Keychain and Update keychain Password', either Continue or Create new work best. But this adds a new step to imaging, I had thought about creating a hidden account 'Adobe_Install' to get round this, but wondered if I've got something wrong or there is another way round this.

'Adobe_Install' is the account created by the Adobe installers.

I would have posted directly to the Adobe Enterprise forums but the issue only comes up when I image with Casper.



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Hi Phil,

The adobe install account is one that Casper creates, I've never seen it ask to update the keychain pass.

Do you deploy a login.keychain to your Macs?

I think I'd call JAMF Support, something sounds off.


I had a similar issue at one point but I can't find documentation on what it was. I believe it I had accidentally included the keychain for either:

1) the root account
2) one of the 2 User Templates folders I leave on the machine: (/System/Library/User Templates/) English.lproj or Non_localized

Once I removed it, I think it fixed it.