Implementing Jamf PRO

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Hi all,


 I have an NFR license with Jamf PRO. I am just trying to download it onto a MacBook to test.




I get this error message here when trying to download the Configuration Profile? I am not sure if this is right way to do this. Is there another way in which I can get Jamf PRO installed onto the MAC, is there a guide I could follow.




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Not sure what your trying to do here. What is the license for? jamf cloud / jamf on prem or some other product? looks like your manualling installing a currpt config profile.  There isnt a JAMF Pro download for macs anymore

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Assuming you have a Jamf Cloud NFR, you need to setup an APNS cert; create an enrollment account; and then try to enroll the Mac...

No idea what you've done so far, but that's how to start.

Hi Scott,


 Yes should have said, this is an NFR license, I have setup the APNS cert. In terms of creating an enrolment account, would that be setting up the Enrolment Invitation ?

Many thanks,



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Have you installed the APNS and MDM Certificates in to JAMF?

Hi AJ,

 I have installed the APNS and MDM Certificates into JAMF.