Importing computer lists to the JSS

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Hi Folks,

At one point, there was a tool called "The JSS Computer Importer." I believe it was a Python tool and I also thought I saw a Cocoa version at one point.

Are these still used? How do you all deal with large deployments of new systems? This summer was relatively easy as we only had 65 new systems coming in. Next year we will have several hundred possibly and it would be nice to have a tried and true method of importing our lists of serial numbers into the JSS so the computers are pre-named and so forth.

Thank you again for your feedback.


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I do remember the tool back in the day. I never used it since we never had a mass import to do. But if I had to do one these days, I would use the API and create a script to upload it via that method.

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@mconners have a look at JSS MUT. I haven't played with it myself but it might be useful to you. I'm not sure if it lets you create the records on the front end or whether it's meant to help you fix the records after they are already in the system.

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I don't think this utility works anymore. I recall testing it out a few JSS revs back and I wasn't even able to get it to connect to our JSS. Not sure if that was just because of something up with our JSS or a problem with the application though.

If my memory serves me, I created my own script to import computers to the JSS that did something similar to this tool. But I'd need to dig through my scripts to see if I still have it around.

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Wow, JSS MUT looks pretty cool, but doing a quick scan of the documentation, it doesn't look like its intended to be used to import and create new computers, only to update existing ones. Am I right on that? If so, that won't really be a replacement for JSS Computer Importer, which was for creating entirely new computer objects.
Still, MUT looks nice and I'll be taking a closer look at it.