In-flight updates? (Software Updates)

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With Sonoma releasing soon, I wanted to dive into the new Software Updates feature. However, I am worried about enabling this feature and having pending updates messed up. Is there a way to see what these "in-flight updates" are for specifically? 

The guide below has the following warning. It seems like if I enable Software Updates Beta, I would have to re-deploy these updates, but since it is unclear what these updates are, I hesitate to enable it and ruin any pending updates I am not aware of. 


Enabling the (Beta) managed software updates feature will cancel any in-flight updates. In-flight updates include any update commands that have been deployed from Jamf Pro but have not yet completed on the end user device. You can re-deploy these updates with the new experience."

Any one know where I can find out specifically what these in-flight updates are for? 

(Beta) Updating macOS Using Managed Software Updates




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They talked about this at JNUC. If I recall, if you cancel any in-flight updates it means that any previous MDM commands that you sent prior will get cancelled. The new DDM and old MDM update mechanisms can't co-exist; it has to be one or the other.

So for example, if you sent MDM commands to update your devices to macOS 13.5.2 and iOS 16.6.1 a week ago, those will get cancelled in favor of the new update feature.


We have 28,513 in-flight updates despite having a little over 5000 devices, so not sure how that is calculated or if it's not showing the correct number due to being so new/beta.  So for now we are not enabling the "new experience" until theres a better explanation of why there are that many and what it's canceling or an update comes out that "fixes" the counting or something.

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Experience has shown me that you can send an Apple Push Notification and Jamf will happily send that up to Apple. From there, however, it's not fully clear what happens and a lot of devices simply never respond to the command. I have a sinking suspicion that we're cancelling tens of thousands of commands that were went but never pushed and are in some sort of waiting stage.


For us, allowing users to do their own updates has been broken since a few releases ago when apple depreciated the CLI that our script used to do it. I noticed this the other day and did want to try it out! i also paused when it said "Enabling this feature will cancel all 44 in-flight updates." . But if it just has to do with pending updates, that don't work anyways, maybe ill try it.