In-House App Updates not working on some devices

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We have an in-house app that was updated a few weeks back. It is set to be managed and all devices are supervised.

We updated the app in JSS and most are updated. However, we are finding random devices that are still on the old version. I can check the device and it says it validated the app today, but it's clearly not correct. If I unscope, wait for it to remove, and rescope, it will deploy the latest version. So our deployment methods are fine. I'm concerned that the management piece isn't working right.

Any ideas why JSS isn't updating random devices, yet saying it successfully validated them?

To further complicate the issue, the version of the app went from 1.0 to 1.1. In JSS, it shows the app version as 1 and the short version as 1.1. Unfortunately, JSS doesn't give me the option to search on "short version" which seems like a terrible oversight. That means I have no way to find the bad devices.


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Can I add a me too for in house app updates failing on some devices. Keen to know why.

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Same here! Would love to know why some update and a few do not. Device apps scoped shows new version...installed apps shows old version. What s up with that? Inventory updates complete without updating the app. Self Service shows update on app icon. Need it to automatically update though.