Include All Computers Smart Group

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Due to our workflow we need to make a Smart Group that includes all the computers in our site. However when I create a SmartGroup with no criteria no machines populate into the group.

We are on the latest version of Jamf Pro 10.

Thanks for any assistance

Dan -


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@dsafford You need some criteria. I have a smart group named All Managed Clients that has the following criteria 9557cf7f417c45378dfa9cb2f838eed5

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Wow does this mean they have changed the behaviour from the very scarey, no criteria = all computers that has persisted since launch!
If so that's good news, although of course if your using it as a way of finding all computers, perhaps not so much...

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No criteria does, in fact, net all computers.

I expect that if Jamf ever change this, they will provide fair warning before changing this decade-plus of consistent behavior.

This is the only way I know of that one can scope to a site (without giving site accounts access to the scoped item), or exclude site(s) from the scope of a globally-scoped [siteless] item.