inconsistent search results

Contributor III

this could just be the db i'm working with here, but i've noticed if i do an advanced inventory search like this:

operating system LIKE 10.4

i get ALL the hosts in inventory.

using 10.4. or 10.4.x yields the same results.

smart groups are not similarly affected, it seems. i can search for similar terms via smart groups and actually get decent results.

this is all on jss 8.22 and mysql server 5.0.91 (apple).

related to this, is it possible to do a search via the api with something like this?

curl -k -u username:password

Contributor II

This may or may not be related, but I've noticed in a Smart Group where I am asking of all entries in the JSS to give me those who need more than 6 SWU - the Smart Group list shows one number (say 72), than if I go to edit the criteria (without changing anything) - and re-save, the number drops to a much lower number.

I go back the next day same situation -- so I look at the member of that group, and I see machine in there that don't actually fit the criterial (meaning, they need less than 6 SWU) - I pretend to edit, resave, and then the results are accurate again.

This appears to only happen with SWUs -- kinda strange.