Infrastructure Manager- JSS user account?

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I am looking into getting the LDAP Proxy set up for our cloud JSS. I'm reading through the documentation on installing Infrastructure Manager and one of the steps is "When prompted, enter credentials for a JSS user account with the “Infrastructure Manager” privilege."

Does this mean that I should create a service account specifically for the Infrastructure Manager to use? Or is the account only used by Infrastructure Manager when you first set it up, and I should just use my own credentials?

Here is the documentation I am following from the Casper Suite admin guide:


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I haven't set up the Infrastructure Manager yet, but when I read that step in the manual, I assumed that it was a service account in the JSS just for Infrastructure Manager.



It was recommended to me that it be a totally separate account to be used strictly for enrolling the JIM instance.

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Yes, it is an internal account in the JSS for enrolling the JIM instance. Still trying to get the JIM to work though.