Install Jamf 10.16 On macOS Still Need Java 8

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Hi Guys,

While trying to deploy a macOS based Jamf 10.16, the installer still require a installation of java 8, check the picture.

As KB noticed: You will need to ensure your Jamf Pro server is running one of the supported distributions of Java 11 before upgrading.

Not sure if this a bug or need some extra steps.


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According to Jamf Support, this should be a false alarm, this can be solved by restarting server.
Users may encounter this issue on Windows Server and macOS.

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Hello @hawkzhang45 -

I brought this issue up with the team who works on the installers and we re-ran our tests with both English and Chinese localizations to make sure we did not miss anything and did not see this issue come up. If it continues to occur please reach out to us again and we can take another look at it.