Installing a package throught policy

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Hy everyone,

We have a policy configured to push a package with options:
1) Trigger - Recurring Check-in 2) Execution Frequency - Ongoing.

After first install of the packages, would installation kick-off on next check-in? Or would it detect that it's installed already, and do nothing.

Looking for a simple solution to make sure package is installed, even after manual removal. Also, don't have Jamf Composer.




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If you are pushing the package to Self Service for the user to install you would be good. However, if you are trying to have the policy install the software without the user doing anything you will want to change the Execution Frequency to Once Per Computer. Jamf wont natively check to see if the package is already installed so it would just keep reinstalled the package at every check in.

The other way around this is to have the policy scoped to a Smart Group that once the software is installed the computer will be moved out of the scope of the policy. If you make the Smart Group something along the lines of "Application Title does not have software name" its in the scope of the policy AND it will be put back in the Smart Group at inventory update if the user removed it so that it is reinstalled to the machine.

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@bruth85 , @cody.anderson I would also add a trigger to update the inventory just after the installation of the package, just to make sure the smart group gets updated in time before the next check in. We usually use smart groups that contains the computers that have the package in question, and exclude that SG from the scope of the policy. This leaves lots of freedom to define 'target' and 'limitation' scopes.