Installing a very old Mac App Store app in a lab

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I have a question that I could use some collective wisdom on, particularly if any of you have run into something similar to this.

There is a very old app on the Mac App Store, LetterMPress:

that the faculty in our Printing curriculum uses. It's a little simulator of an old moveable type printing press. Anyway, this thing has not been updated in literally 7 years, and that's about how long ago we bought it (in fact, the faculty that originally requested it has retired, although the program still uses it). We have 40 licenses that we have purchased for it, and I'm trying to get it to deploy through Jamf Pro and am having no luck whatsoever. Way back then, they sent out spreadsheets of activation codes, which I have, and which I have imported into Jamf. However, it does not deploy to the scoped machines. I kind of need an expert in Mac App Store stuff to tell me if I am doing something wrong, and if so, what. Or, if this thing just can't be deployed through MDM. What I would really like is to get rid of the darn codes and have this deploy from information in Apple School Manager like our Apple Mac App Store apps do, but I will settle for anything that gets it to work (hopefully which doesn't involve going around to each of the 40 machines and installing it manually with a code).

I'm kinda stuck here. The documentation all points at Apple School Manager, and I don't have high enough access in there to even see the Content options that they show. What doesn't point there just says to upload the codes, which I did, and they show up properly under that title under Mac App Store apps, but it never deploys to the scoped machines. Just sits there and tells me there are 40 licenses available.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I don't have any ideas on what to try next.


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Might be because the app is so old?

I would try to capture the install with Composer. As long as you hold the licensing for it there isn't an issue.