Installing Casper in a 10-20 client environment using a Server 2008 R2 VM

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Any one have any experience or issues with installing Casper in a small Mac environment using a Server 2008 R2 VM?

Thanks for any information or advice that you can share.


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I don't have direct experience with your situation, but I can't see any reason you would have an issue with that kind of setup. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with. With such a small amount of Macs, you could probably run your JSS on just about anything - a small VM, a Mac mini server, a Linux box, whatever. The server will likely not even break a sweat with only 10 - 20 Macs reporting in. Even if that grew to 50 or so you'd be fine.


We have just over 1800 Macs in our JSS that's running on Windows Server. So far so good and we're a year into it. I think you'll be fine.

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How are you imaging with 1800 macs and JSS on Windows Server? Are you using hard drives to boot from pointing toward the JSS so you can image them?
I assume all your packages are .dmg files. Are you having any issues with package deployment?

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We used the JSS on a Windows Server for about 6 months and ended up moving back to OSX.


@Lhsachs -- We use Casper Imaging with NetBoot (from an Xserve). We have two distribution points - one on SMB and one on AFP. The SMB DP is the master.

As for packages, we use a mix of .pkg and .dmg depending on what we're installing. No real issues to report other than some flaky Office updates.