Installing Mac OS Ventura for Non Admin Users via self service

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Hi there, 

Is there a simpler way to install Ventura via self-service without the admin credentials? I've added Ventura from the Mac apps section on Jamf and it is available on self service but it requires admin credentials to install. 


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@sanjaymani Take a look the erase-install script (ignore the name, it does updates as well) which will temporarily promote a user to admin to install. See the Jamf Pro section of the Wiki:

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Thank you so much much appreciate it, is there any instructions on how to set it up on jamf. 

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@sanjaymani See the link to the Jamf Pro section of the erase-install Wiki in my previous post.

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Use Nudge or S.U.P.E.R.M.A.N to prompt your users into submission. It's surprisingly effective. I'm reaching compliance within 72 hours on average since implementing Nudge.

The good thing about Ventura is that delta upgrades will be available by 11/24/2022 and standard users will be able to upgrade from software update without admin creds.

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FYI - Apple is now saying that the delta upgrade will be available at the next point release of Ventura (13.1). That probably will not be on the 24th, but probably a week or two later. The X.1 releases typically show up around Dec. 1st. 


Below is what we use.



# Pulls the current logged in user and their UID
currUser=$(ls -l /dev/console | awk '{print $3}')
currUserUID=$(id -u "$currUser")

# Prompts the user to input their FileVault password using Applescript. This password is used for a SecureToken into the startosinstall.
/bin/launchctl asuser "$currUserUID" sudo -iu "$currUser" /usr/bin/osascript <<APPLESCRIPT
set validatedPass to false
repeat while (validatedPass = false)
-- Prompt the user to enter their filevault password
display dialog "Enter your macOS password to start the macOS upgrade" with icon file "System:Library:CoreServices:CoreTypes.bundle:Contents:Resources:FileVaultIcon.icns" default answer "" buttons {"Continue"} with text and hidden answer default button "Continue"
set fvPass to (text returned of result)
display dialog "Re-enter your macOS password to verify it was entered correctly" with text and hidden answer buttons {"Continue"} with icon file "System:Library:CoreServices:CoreTypes.bundle:Contents:Resources:FileVaultIcon.icns" default answer "" default button "Continue"
if text returned of result is equal to fvPass then
set validatedPass to true
display dialog "The passwords you have entered do not match. Please enter matching passwords." with title "FileVault Password Validation Failed" buttons {"Re-Enter Password"} default button "Re-Enter Password" with icon file messageIcon
end if
end repeat

echo $fvPass | /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --agreetolicense --forcequitapps --nointeraction --user $currUser --stdinpass

exit 0

i like this script. thx @bmee