installLion.pkg --> looping install every 15 minutes


as i continue to refine and tweak our unattended installation of lion using installLion.pkg, one issue still remains: if i run the policy via a trigger like "every15", the install kicks off, runs successfully but NEVER signs off with a log to the JSS. so, every 15 minutes, the process repeats itself. my focus has been on including the /sbin/reboot command mentioned in another thread (

our duplicate self-serve policy that uses that addition unix command in the policy completes itself and signs off correctly with a log in the JSS. but not our policy equipped with the "every 15" trigger.

has anyone else seen this issue? if you are using installLion.pkg in a policy that doesn't require self service, what have you done to resolve?

what i've done thus far:

+ tagged the pkg in casper admin as requiring a reboot, then setting the policy to reboot only if a SWU or pkg requires it. although the computer posts a message that it WILL reboot in five minutes, it never does.

+ set the policy to reboot "immediately" which, it does. however, it doesn't reboot into the mac OSX installer, it just reboots up normally to our login screen.

much obliged if you should have any thoughts/solutions/questions...


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Instead on the every15, why don't you manually trigger it?

(should work the same as self service).

I'm guessing the install is taking more time than the every15. (these are not every 15 minutes, but are randomised by upto 5 minutes).

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I had the same issue, i added my own script that runs after to reboot with a 1 minute delay to give the JAMF binary time to report back to the jss and log a successfull install, otherwise the policy will just loop because the jss never thinks it has been completed. Also try the shutdown -r command with the delay, for whatever reason it wouldnt reboot the the installer with the reboot command for me.