Integrating iMacs into Jamf Pro/Apple School Manager retroactively

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Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to register devices after they already have been bought because i keep seeing that the devices must be from Apple itself or a certified reseller, and most of the Documents i looked at talk about the Out of the Box enrollment process which is pretty interesting but i am looking at managing existing iMac Devices instead of buying new ones. From what I read it used to be possible to register devices by their Serial number a few years back. Its a shame that this feature was removed because it adds a lot of needless busywork trying get those devices registered. I must also say that i currently do not know where the School i am trying to research Jamf Pro for bought their Devices from and when as of yet. If it turns out that it was not a certified reseller is it impossible for those devices being used in Jamf Pro in conjunction with Apple School Manager ?

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