Invalid Apple TV Profile

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I have a case opened with support but hopeful maybe someone else has an idea for this.

We have a few Apple TV 4k's we are trying to enroll in jamf. I was able to get it to show in AC2 and I prepared and wiped the device and it showed up in our DEP. The device shows up in my prestage in JAMF but no actual device exists in my inventory.

When I try to step thru the apple TV, I get to the screen asking about remote management, when I click continue, I get an error saying Invalid Profile.

Anyone seen this or how to fix this?


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Also having this issue! I have enrolled two apple TV HD's without issue in the same way. However, when doing this with the apple tv 4k, it gets to the remote managed part then fails and says "Invalid Profile".

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I am also having this issue! I have a support case opened up right now. For some reason, I recently ran into the same issue. Previously, I enrolled about 20 Apple TVs with Configurator 2. Now, I am running into the same issue. I have tried software updates on the Apple TV and still run into the same issue. The device shows up in Apple School Manager and successfully syncs over to Jamf in the DEP group. I'll let you guys know if I find anything.

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I'm having the same issue with AppleTV 4K getting Invalid Profile during enrollment. Has anyone found a resolution to this?