Suggestions on how to use Jamf Help to Reminder Users to Update Mac OS



I was wondering if anyone can point me to a resource or a script that I can run via policy using Jamf Helper that will check the version of the installed O/S and if it's not equal to the latest we're supporting will advise the user how to upgrade and will potentially remind them once every week until it's done.


I do not want to force the upgrade just remind users and give them the steps to update ie: Apple Menu-About This Mac-Update.


If there's a better way to do this without a script I'm also open to that alternative but I think Jamf Helper might be the best way.


Thanks in advance!


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@MBlank You could build a workflow with Jamf Helper, but Nudge ( is pretty much the choice for reminding users to upgrade these days. Be sure to check out the Jamf Pro Guide section in the Wiki (

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Smart group based on build number you want and.....


#Jamf Helper 
JAMFHELPER=`/Library/Application\ Support/JAMF/bin/ -title "Message From  Security" -icon /usr/local/images/XXXX.png -windowType utility -timeout 180 -description "A security update is available.

A macOS Monterey update is available for installation in System Preferences. Please update Monterey as soon as possible to keep your device in compliance and access some great new features from Apple.

Please contact if you have any questions. 
" -button1 "OK" -defaultButton 1 `

      echo "jamf helper result was $JAMFHELPER";

      if [ "$JAMFHELPER" == "0" ]; then
         open /System/Library/PreferencePanes/SoftwareUpdate.prefPane
         exit 0
         echo "no response";   
     exit 0


Thanks for sharing this. I might go with this approach and see the results we get or don't.


Any idea how to add a clickable HTML link to this script?

I tried <a href=""</a> but it's not clickable. Or is this not possible?

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@MBlank You can't put a clickable link into the text displayed by jamfHelper. You would have the use a button in the message being displayed that opens the intended link.

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you can make JAMF connect do a thing based on what option (button) a user picks. One of those could be opening a link, but that is about as close as you can get.

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Honestly, keep it stupid simple.

  • You could write a launch agent/daemon to check the version of macOS on whatever interval and call a script you have on the device to bring up JAMF helper, and even open System Preferences/Settings to the correct pane if so desired.
  • However, I would just have a policy set to run once a day/week that runs a script with to have JAMF Helper do the thing. Scope the policy to all devices not running whatever OS version you want. 

Just know a notification without any form of teeth is really pointless. I recommend coming up with something to back this notification if users don't comply, because they wont comply. 


Writing a script to just present a message is fairly easy. You can get as complex as you like. For example give them buttons to click, and echo the result of which button they click to a log. You can use this as acknowledgement if needed down the road. You can also have JAMF Helper open system preferences based on the button the user clicks rather than having to tell them where to go in the message.


For simple Jamf helper messages I like to use JAMF Helper Creator. GitHub - BIG-RAT/jhc: jamfHelper Constructor


/Library/Application\ Support/JAMF/bin/ -description "Please Open System Preferences/Settings, select General, select software update, and intsall all available updates." -windowType hud -cancelButton 2 -defaultButton 2 -title "Your Mac is out of Compliance, run OS updates." -heading "MacOS Compliance" -button1 "Understood" -button2 "I'm lazy and dont want to run OS updates"


In the JAMF 300 resources section 14 covers JAMF Helper and in JAMF 400 section 6 covers JAMF Helper.

Lesson 14 - Course Resources | Jamf

Lesson 6 - Course Resources | Jamf (This one tells you how to do return values based on a user response to do things like run policies, open files/panes, and generate logs files)


PS I much prefer JAMF helper over Nudge. 

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I am a slightly different admin: I do not remind, I force the update with N deferrals allowed.

Consider the first deferral a reminder.