Inventory Update frequency for Mobile Devices

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Is there a way to increase the inventory update frequency for mobile devices?

Here is why I ask. Our school has the App Store restricted on our iPads in grades 5 & 6. This results in them not having the ability to download apps, or update them (most are sitting on 50+ updates right now). In an effort to reduce the loss of class time for when a student needs to get a new app or update one, we are looking at a new method for restriction.

We would like to:
1. Create a Smart Group based on grade and download of app NOT in our catalog. DONE with issue
2. Create a Configuration profile to hide all apps except email to plead for help if you fall in the Smart Group. DONE

For the Smart Group to work, it requires the inventory to update. If a student downloads a game, they are free to be distracted from their work until their inventory updates. The moment they are updated- SNAP! No more apps. I use my evil laugh here, I feel fairly diabolical. However, if they download an app, and the inventory does not update for three hours after they have gone to bed, their homework is not done, and there has been no consequence. I am hoping to shorten the frequency somehow from once a day to once twice an hour (much more palatable by our faculty).

Any ideas?

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This seems like a step backward. Why not leave the App Store off and add your new vetted apps to Self Service?

And to answer your question, I think you'd be looking at a feature request.

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The reason to not use the Self Service is that Self Service does not allow for the update, the update never shows since we push apps, and even for the ones that do, it will hang when you press update since there is no app store. The other thought is that since students get their App Store back in 7th grade, and are asked to use restraint and judgment, they may actually do so if exposed to the app store earlier for functionality only (that and they can update apps and get the school appropriate ones without wasting class time to unlock them, ask them to download, lock them back down and then check for dishonesty).

I wonder if it is possible by editing the .xml file?

We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.