iOS 12.4 Breaks Pre-Stage Enrollment - iTunes/Migration of Data

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I can't tell if it's the new version of Jamf or iOS 12.4 (hunch is iOS 12.4) but, something has broken the ability to restore an iOS device from backup (be it iTunes or Migration - new, iOS to iOS device) while installing the remote management profile.

When restoring via iTunes, the configuration profile does not fully load, even after restore. The screen does not come up confirming the install. When using the migration tool, the device hangs when "setting up Apple ID". This is the part where the "transfer data screen" should come up. It does not. When pre-stage enrollment is setup for the device, the "retrieving configuration" screen shows up, but nothing else, it skips past and goes to setup Touch ID, passcode and then how to restore said device.

Removing the device from pre-stage enrollment and using iTunes or Migration, the process is flawless and without issue. Then user initiated enrollment after is fine.

The same process with pre-stage enrollment and restoring a device prior to 12.4 did not have any of these issues. The restore process and acceptance of the remote management profile/screen was fluid and flawless. Not at all now. It's badly broken.

Anyone else experience this? I have done 3 new iOS devices the past 2 days and it has been a disaster.


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Hey Kristopher...

I'm not a JAMF user, but I came across your post while I was troubleshooting some issues with our MS Intune MDM. After much testing I think the iOS 12.4 (with the new Migration Tool) reeks havoc on MDM Management Profiles. What I found, when migrating to a new device, and using the new iOS 12.4 Migration Tool, the MDM management profile loads and then the iPhone TRANSFER proceeds (which happens after the Remote Management install). The TRANSFER blows away the mgmt profile. The device enrolls into MDM and then it just gets orphaned. You can't manage it even though the device thinks its supervised. I've got a case set up with Apple. Hopefully they can resolve soon. Restoring the new iPhone from a cloud/iTunes backup works great and the device can be managed via the MDM.