iOS default account for contacts

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I have a group of iPads that all need access to a department-managed contact list. We're accomplishing this right now by using a Google account for shared contacts. We're also pushing everyone's Exchange account via configuration profile.

The problem we're having is that the default account for contacts (Settings > Contacts > Default Account) is always the Google account. We don't want people creating new contacts in this account; we'd like to set it up to default to either "On My iPad" or the Exchange account.

I've tried pushing the profiles in different ways, but it never sets "Exchange" as the default — not even when it's the only account. And it always sets it to Google when that's pushed.

Of course we can make this a manual step in our setup workflow, but...well, we're not using Jamf so we can continue to configure things manually, y'know?

Is there any way to control this? I'm also open to alternatives to the Google account, ideally something read-only.


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Yeah... you can't set any default services in iOS for contacts/calendars/mail with a config profile.

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