iOS Devices lose proxy settings


Hi All,

This is our 3rd year running iPads. We have been using a proxy.pac file for quite a while and have found ios6 to be very good at using these. This year we are pushing our WiFi certificate and proxy settings via a casper profile and this is also working well.

However, every now and then our iPads will lose the autoconfiguration setting and URL. The proxy setting returns to "off". We can manually change it to Auto and enter the configuration URL, but this does not get saved. As soon as we click back into the wifi settings it has returned to "Off".

I can force this to happen by going into Settings, Reset, and reset network settings - when I do this the certificate remains and the iPad remembers the network, but the HTTP Proxy settings are lost. However, this is also happening when the network settings are not being reset.

Does anyone know how to 1. Prevent this from happening, and
2. Get the casper system to reapply the WiFi profile and have the proxy setting "stick"?

Thanks in advance,


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Hey Chris,

Generally speaking, this sounds like devices are losing their WiFi profile, which has something to do with falling out of the scope. Also, when a profile changes, it has to be removed entirely and reapplied for all scoped devices. With this in mind, how is your WiFi profile getting scoped and does it change frequently? I would recommend using something static like "All Managed Devices", another fairly static smart group, or a static group as well as not changing it regularly. This should eliminated any unforeseen profile removals.

Hopefully I read through your description correctly. Does the above sound like a viable option?

-Ben Michael

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This happens in my deployment too. In fact, I am seeing it today.

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Same here. May be coincidential, but this seems to happen after upgrading to ios12. Profiles are still on the iPads. After redistributing it is fixed for a while, but then the iPads lose proxy settings again. This does not happen with every iPad, I couldn‘t find a pattern yet.