iOS/iPadOS with 802.1X Wireless Networks


Hello, I'm looking at managing iOS and iPadOS soon (have only managed macOS previously).  Has anyone used Jamf AD CS Connector to issue certs for 802.1X on iOS/iPadOS?  Jamf documentation seems to show SCEP is the only option for cert-based authentication on iOS, but I can't get confirmation on that and Jamf Support suggested I try AD CS Connector (without clarifying if it should work or not)


I'd rather not prompt users for wifi passwords with PEAP.  I believe I could setup a service ID for PEAP so authentication is automatic, but wouldn't want to use a single credential for everyone if I could avoid it.  So certificate based authentication with unique certs is my preferred option if there is a way to do it.  If that means only SCEP, then that'd mean I need to setup a SCEP infrastructure and that's not ideal either.


Any guidance is appreciated, thank you!