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Greetings, all! We're using "Restricted Software" to prevent unwanted in-place upgrades to Mojave when it is released next week. Since this'll be in testing for a few weeks or so before our organization approves the use of the new macOS, I wanted to ...
Good morning, all! Happy 10.13.4 day :) I have a two-part Jamf Pro workflow which leverages @therealmacjeezy's wonderful script found here and then runs a custom Jamf Helper window with built-in deferrals. In @therealmacjeezy's script, if a restart i...
Greetings, all! I've perused the Jamf Pro 10.3.0 release notes and admin guide but can't seem to find what the range of expected values will be for the newly added Enrollment Method field for Jamf Pro 10.3.0. I even opened a support ticket and it abr...
I noticed that my MacBookPro13,2 (10.13.2-17C88) wasn't successfully sending inventory reports to Jamf Pro (v10.0.0). I tried to remedy this by initially running a sudo jamf manage command and then escalated to full-on framework removal via sudo jamf...
Hey there, all! I saw that Office 2016 15.39.0-17101000 was released earlier today and had some folks (self included on a test computer) update their client machines. Following the update, all apps withint he Office 2016 suite are running the 15.39.0...
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