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I just ran in a changed behaviour with the defaults command.I have a script that adds a folder to the list of background pictures. It worked fine until macOS 13.2 I think. Never checked after that. Just saw the new behaviour while looking for ways to...
So, with new Opt-In to Beta versions on iOS and iPadOS 16.4, how do you disable this option on your managed iPhones & iPads?
Apple seems to start distrusting Symantec certificate authorities starting from July 20, 2018.See Will this have an impact on the Symantec PKI settings and certificates in Jamf Pro?
Hi,I want to create a smart group with two attributes: Patch Reporting: macOS is greater than or equal 10.11.0 AND Patch Reporting: macOS is less than or equal 10.12.6 Literally this is: 10.11.0 <= MyMacOSVersion <= 10.12.6 With this smart group I go...