IOS MDM/Config profiles (Brain fart moment)

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Hi, We have a bunch of Ipads that are used for a room booking system and visitor sign in.

The default MDM profile requires a passcode be set on all devices. I need to create a policy that will remove that requirement and also disable screen timeout

Any thoughts on how this can be achieved?

Thanks, as always in advance.



A question on enrollment of these. Do you have these as a DEP PreStage that defines the passcode setting, or do you have a secondary profile that does that?

The target would be to exclude these devices from that current policy because the system always goes for the most restrictive policy if 2 exist. It may mean re-enrollment.

As far as the screen lock, the Passcode section of the Configuration Profiles has a drop-down for timing, but without a "Never" option, I'm unsure if just leaving it alone would achieve that. I assume it would default to whatever factory settings the iPads ships with on time.