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Good afternoon JAMFNation,

I am working on deploying iPads that act as a thin client. Single App mode with Microsoft Remote Desktop. I have read into Managed App Configurations but have found nothing of use. Do you guys know of, if possible, how to preset RDP sessions in the Microsoft Remote Desktop app?

I would like to have everything preconfigured. The site receives the iPad, opens it up, with DEP and MDM it configures itself, locks down and enters single app mode with RDP. And listed are the Remote Desktop sessions that will be used + when clicked on it will ask for Username and password (lock down adding/saving users)

Is this possible? !


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Got any futher on this? :

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I would also like to know the status of this.

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Me too. I am trying to configure using web clips, but so far no luck.

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I would also like to now "How ist it possible to configure a RDP connection in Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 via jamf PRO?".

We like to offer our users the RDP config via Self Service because that's more convenient for them and saves time on our site.

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Me too…

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This seems to be a dead thread, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Has there been any updates for this, or is it just simply a no, you can't pre-configure Workspaces for users to have preloaded into Remote Desktop installed through Self Service?

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Would also love this.

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Did anyone find a solution for this?

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Ich denke hier muss Microsoft Reagieren. Die müssen das lösen ähnlich wie das bei OpenVPN gelöst ist. Profile per Konfiguration Profil. Anders wird das nichts unter iOS/iPadOS. Leider hab ich keinen Zugang zu MS und auch keine Idee wo ich das bei denen Posten könnte. Aber hier hoffe ich auf die Jamfies die bestimmt einen Draht zu MS haben?