iOS PreStage with SCEP WiFi user certs

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Hey Nation,

Wanted to see what all the cool kids are doing for iOS PreStage in a solely SCEP WiFi environment. Until JAMF implements WiFi setup configs for PreStage, what are you doing for the initial WiFi connection? It's the classic cart before horse situation.

Company Guest Network
Probably like your company, our company guest network is internet only, those guest IP ranges are forbidden from entering our company network. Has anyone leveraged dropping a VPN cert in the PreStage and using guest + company VPN to complete the PreStage process including installing the SCEP config?

Temp SCEP Certificate
Any sort of temporary/1 day cert people are using as a crutch that could be deployed in the PreStage? (or am I waving my magic wand here...)

Assuming most people have a "setup" SSID in a SCEP environment (or use Configurator) as a workaround but that is not an option for us as it breaks security protocols.

Thanks as always for being the best user forum on the Internetz!