iOS Self Service app or webclip?

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Regarding the Self Service webclip vs. the Self Service app, what are the pros/cons for using one over the other?


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We have had issues with the app. There are times that it will install but when you open it the app displays message, "Unable to connect to server." At this point all you can do is remove and re-install the app. Jamf had no solution and said this didn't happen.

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I have not made this choice and am still using both...

The WebClip has served us well, since it downloads fast which has been helpful during rollouts to get the Mail Profile quickly, without waiting for app downloads.
WebClip has an "Update All" button

The App is searchable.
Probably going to move to the App only next year, since hopefully apps will update auto-magically from the JSS.

The only time I have seen the "Unable to connect to server" error is if/when someone downloads the app directly from the App Store.

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I'm wondering how everyone is feeling about the iOS App since the update to 10.5? I still only rely on WebClip, and I'd like opinions before deciding to make a switch.