iOS Updates

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What is everyone's experience with iOS updates? I manage around 200 iPads and they are all in Single App Mode. When doing iOS update, I feel like you can get lucky, where it will go past post iOS update screens or you get unlucky and you actually have to physically press on Continue and Get Started on all iPads.
When I was doing my testing, I updated 15 iPads from 11.1 to 11.2.1 and they all installed iOS and restarted and went right back to Single App Mode. Today, when I tried to update from 11.1 to 11.2.2, every single one of iPads got stuck on Continue/Get Started screen.

I am new to this, what I am doing wrong here? It almost feels like if you update right away then it works good, if you skip few versions, you then have to manually go in and press Continue on all devices.


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What are your DEP PreStage settings like? What things are you skipping?

I've found that if I don't skip things like AppleID/iCloud, they will always show up during update screens.

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I skip pretty much everything. What really bothers me is that behavior is not consistent, since some iOS upgrades go through. Since those devices are always in lockdown mode, there is really no user assigned to them and I would like to update without any manual intervention.
I found that I can still restart iPad/get inventory, but it just doesn't get past the screen. I will try to look in Configuration profiles and Restrictions to see if there is anything I can add there.

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You will want to uncheck the iOS and tvOS > Location box. It will just give you grief with it checked (Location Services will be turned OFF by default and unless you live in California, the time on the iPad will be wrong).

With it unchecked, you will have to TAP on "Use Location Services", but that is much better than opening the, going to Privacy, and then Locations, and toggling the Location Services to ON.