iPad Air 2 support

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We have iPad Air 2 devices that we are trying to enroll.  The devices are 7 years old, but the organization is requesting we use them.

1. Unable to push applications to the devices (application licensing error)

2. Verified we have plenty of licenses available and the devices contain the serial number in the portal

3. Older devices that still have apps on them get an error in Teams when they try to open a new document.

Is there a known issue with these devices in JAMF Pro?


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There should not be an issues with the JAMF Management if they are running iPadOS 15, so it should work. With how fast Apple abandons iOS releases I would not troubleshoot too deeply. Honestly, if it was me I would not allow these in my environment. The department can by 7 iPad 9's for less than $2000. 


Are any newer devices having issues?

Newer devices are working as expected, but I do not have a newer one to test with. I checked the Push Certificate and that is up to date.