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Hi All,
Currently i have been experiencing some issues with Deploying Applications to our schools shared use iPad Trolley's. My issue is that when i try and push out apps to the iPads not all of them but some of them prompt the user for a app store password. Now this is quite frustrating because we have been under the impression this should be a zero touch process.

The current way that we have this set up is as follows

  • iPad's are supervised using apple configurator.
  • iPad's were then manually enrolled into casper using a AD username and password and have a school owned iTunes account.
  • We then purchase an app using our VPP account.
  • Then we have created a VPP assignment under users with 1 app per assignment and scoped it to our AD user group.
  • We then go to the Mobile devices tab and add the application and scope it to the same AD Group.

Any help appreciated


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The underlying fact here is, that Apple requires the user to enter their Apple ID password for iTunes Store and App Store purchases after 15 minutes or so after it was last entered. With latest iOS at this point, however, you can go into the settings, and disable that. This way, it will not ask you to enter the password for free purchases, even after 15 minutes.


A way around that is to "purchase" the apps through VPP. Just add the free app to the VPP cart like you normally would a pay one. Then push it out like you would other VPP apps. Then I believe it will install without asking for the password, but the users would have to accept the VPP invitation first.

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Are you assigning the app to the user and then immediately pushing the app out through Mobile Devices > Apps? We found that the app takes some time to register in the purchase history of the Apple ID before it can be pushed out, otherwise it will prompt for the password. I usually assign a bunch of apps at once and then wait an hour or so before I try pushing the app to devices.

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Has the school owned iTunes account accepted the VPP Invitation?

Send an Update Inventory Command and then check to see whether the device is 1) Logged in to iTunes Store, and whether the user is 2) iTunes Account Information Matches True, in the VPP Assignments section. It is possible another iTunes account was logged in on the iPad.

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@brownbe Thanks, I will have to try this out. i have been assigning then pushing them out straight away! this could be the issue