iPAD DEP Configuration Issue - SCEP Server Returned an Invalid Response

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Getting the following error on one of my DEP setup iPads:

SCEP server returned an invalid response.

Not sure if this is coming from Apple's end, or JAMF. Has anyone run into this before?


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We just ran into that this morning. I had to create a new config profile in JAMF using 2048 bits and upload that to the profile install.


This also happened to me this morning. Not good.

What do you mean by "I had to create a new config profile in JAMF using 2048 bits and upload that to the profile install."?

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In JSS, "Mobile Devices" tab --> "Configuration Profiles" left menu --> "Options" tab --> "SCEP" --> "Configure" --> "Key Size" must be set to 2048 bits

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I'm seeing this on ONE device. 1,712 other devices not having any trouble with DEP. I can't imagine this being a problem in the JSS.

Anybody else seen this?

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Can you check the device UUID, MAC address or other unique identifier against the SCEP server logs?

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Did anyone ever find a solution to this? We just had this happen on one device. The device in question restarted while doing the configuration. At that point I tried to re-register through the setup assistant (received the same error) and the removed the device from the JSS and still received the message.

This is happening on one out of our 650-ish devices in the JSS.

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Hey Randy - we ended up doing a DFU reset and that got it.

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We had an iPad do this to us yesterday.

We just plugged it into a MBPro > opened iTunes > and reset the iPad. Also updated the OS a bit. I believe it was the reset that resolved the issue. We don't use a SCEP server.

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Thanks @JayDuff, that did it for us when I ran into the same problem today!

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Doing a DFU reset worked for us too :) Thx !!!

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I'm sticking this here for future reference when it happens to me again.

I saw a SCEP error on automated enrollment happen because a user had 2 user records in Jamf Pro with the same username. Deleting one of the user records resolved the problem. Jamf Pro 10.24.2.

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I get this once and a while, sometimes I can never resolve it. I just had it happen with an iPad Pro. DFU wiped at least 4 times now. Same issue. JAMF creates a partial device record each time. I delete it before going through the process again. Have tried different and new Prestage Enrollments. Frustrating as H**k