iPad-Devicename in Background

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i found a way to show device-names on the lock-screen, but way too small. Is it also possible to add the device-name to the wallpaper - without individual wallpapers for each device.

zuludesk has implemented that feature. you can define a payload within the screen-layout section.

maybe i didn´t find that feature yet, so please, help me.

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Any ideas?

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The font properties are set by iOS and aren't exposed in configuration profile payloads. You would need to generate individual wallpapers for each device, though that can be somewhat automated with a placeholder service ( example ) or script run on a server you have available:

If Zuludesk does this in a way you like, look at a config profile generated by it to see how they do it.

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Just opening up and very old post, I found the wallpaper has the device name (full name and company name) but it has black background to it. How can I make the device name appearing on the wallpaper including device lock to just show the text with transparent background rather than this black background and white text.

Example: Joe Blogs - ABC Company 

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