Block home screen widgets - iOS 15

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Is there a way in Jamf Pro to block the widgets that iOS 15 insists on putting on the home screen with a newly setup iPad?  I've got everything else blocked that I want from the home screen of our student iPads but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to block those default widgets with iOS 15.


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So, one way I've found to do this is by creating a custom home screen layout and listing only the icons and web clips I want to show on Page 1 of the home screen.  That just seems to make the widgets disappear.  I added a second page to the custom home screen layout which caused 2 additional icons I had (Safari and Settings) to move to that 2nd page.  So, this solution seems to work for now.

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I would love to see a restriction for this as well. 

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The News Widget is so problematic! The headlines that come up can be so gruesome for young kids. I tried setting a home screen layout and the News Widget still comes up. 

The News app is hidden