iPad Disabled (can't remember Passcode) No Network, Can't Share Internet through USB anymore?

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Hi, we've had a couple of student iPads come in where the passcode has been forgotten and the student has reset the iPad, thus stopping any Network access so I can't send a passcode reset command (similar situation for iPad in lost mode) previously we set USB Accessory Access on so that we could share the internet connection from my mac.

But today I tried this and it didn't work anymore. I tested on another ipad with multiple cables and another network but no internet, the ipad charges so the USB setting is working. Has anyone else had any issues? hope apple hasn't patched this method aswell.

Both iPads running 13.2, Mac is 10.14.6


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You could try connecting the iPad directly to ethernet, this would require some creative ways to connect the iPad to a usb hub and then use a usb to ethernet adapter into the hub to get it to connect. I have heard of this working on iOS devices in the past.

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The USB change happened earlier this year. (see attached) USB restricted mode is what you're looking for. Make sure this restriction isn't enabled in your Restrictions configuration profile.


As to the devices that are off network and locked, DFU restore is probably your only option (depending on the model, hold power and home until it tells you to connect to iTunes), use Apple Configurator 2 and do a Advanced -> revive device (see attached)