iPad Groups

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I wiped all my devices so that they would be "new" for the next school year. I didn't realize that the static groups would also be wiped and now I get to reenter serial numbers for groups. Is there a better way to set up groups where I can select specific groups for specific app distribution without reentering the serial numbers every year? I would love if the static groups were saved. It doesn't seem like a very efficient way to do it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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I think its to late this year but in the future you may be able to export the serials and then reimport the serials into a group are you using dep ?


I am getting round this by creating prestage enrolments for each group of Macs or iOS devices (in our case they are grouped by room or sometimes department) then scoping a smart group to "prestage enrolment completed - <prestage name>" for each prestage, and using those smart groups for deployment of software and settings. We aren't using static groups at all.

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Unfortunately you have learned the downfall of static groups.

An alternative would be to create an Extension Attribute with a drop-down list of options/labels. Set this to a specific value for all the iPads in a single group and create a Smart Group for each value.