Test Environment (Distribution Points)

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When setting up a test environment of a Jamf server, can we continue to use the same distribution point(s)?

We want to test some of our policies and general usability of 10.5 before upgrading from 9.101.



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You'd have to be pretty careful doing this. the checksum and other info for each item is kept in the database. So as you update the repository, your test instance would be out of date. You CAN do it if you're really careful, but I don't recommend it.

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I would definitely second the care needed when using the same DP for two environments. I unknowingly did this and had no problems back during testing 9 while running version 8. Disk space for local servers is cheap. Cloud hosted environments, less so. However, the worst case is you have broken entries for DP resources on one side or the other. It just so happens today I am prepping for robust version 10 testing, but with new DP locations. With our campus distributed IT we have 18 units using our servers on 18 separate contexts, so I added more space to our main DP share and will copy each DP folder to a new path. The database side of this includes such tasks like restoring 18 databases to the test server, clearing clustering and limited access settings in each database, and this time around, changing the DP definition to the new path.

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Agreed that you should not "reuse" the same distribution point...that being said, I was able to setup a different share on the same distribution point server for mine.